Storage service in Tallinn and Tartu

Store your excess belongings securely at Adduco’s warehouses!

A truly convenient solution for both businesses and individuals.


For you, the process is very simple and convenient:

In addition, you will be charged an hourly transport fee and a packing service fee.

Watch the video to see what our storage service involves

Commercial storage for businesses.

As a provider of commercial storage services, we primarily store furniture, deliver it from our warehouses to customers, and install it upon arrival.

This is a convenient solution for companies that want to focus on their core activities, i.e. the sale of furniture, by leaving logistics to us.

The commercial storage service works like this:

By using Adduco’s storage services you can rest assured that you will have easy access to your belongings and will always find them in the same condition in which you handed them over to us.

Adduco’s warehouses are located at:

Liivalao 11 in Tallinn

Ringtee 25 in Tartu

Frequently asked questions

All storage service prices are personalised. The price depends on the quantity of the items stored, the storage period, and any additional activities required in regards to the stored items.

Adduco’s warehouses are secured by a contracted security service provider and under video surveillance. The spaces are all dry and temperature-controlled. Stored items are insured against accidents. A warehouse manager is always present in the warehouses during opening hours.

You can access your stored possessions almost any day. However, we recommend scheduling your visit to the warehouse in advance, so you can be sure that your possessions are ready for access when you get there.

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