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In order to provide the most effective moving and relocation service, our international moves are carried out in collaboration with various partners all over the world. In order to transport the inventory, we use land, air, sea and rail transport. Our international moving service is available both to private and business clients. Prior to the start of an inter-state move, we draw up all necessary documentation and deal with the insurance issues.


Formation of international moving service price

Compared to in-state moves, international moving presumes a different use of resources which also affects the final moving service price:

1)     When it comes to international moving, one of the most important price factors is the amount and size of goods to be moved; in the case of air transport, the weight of the items plays an important role.

2)     But the cost of moving service also varies according to the distance and the destination. Our moving specialists help with moving in various destinations, but the costs deriving thereof are quite different depending on the destination.

3)     The choice of transport depends on the speed and deadline for moving. The fastest solution is generally air transport, which is generally also the most expensive option.

4)     We offer our services for clients in hauling and transporting the goods, getting the items to the destination and unloading from truck into premecies.

5)     Should the client so request, we also provide the possibility to take care of the hauling work without professional assistance – that helps to save a lot of money in the case of international moving services.

6)     In the interest of security, all international transport is insured. We also recommend purchasing additional insurance coverage for valuable and fragile items.

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