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We also provide professional moving services in Tartu County. In fact, we have been doing so since 2006. Order a convenient complete moving service from Adduco!


If you are planning to move and wish to:

… then your best bet is to hire highly rated moving experts from Adduco.


We will free you from all the risks that are difficult to calculate in monetary terms, that can cause excessive stress during the moving process, or that can lead to injuries from heavy lifting.

And the best part is …

… you do not have to waste your valuable time and will only have happy memories of the entire process.

What does Adduco’s moving service for individuals include?

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Why use Adduco’s moving services?

We entered the moving business in 2006, when the three founding members of Adduco – Anton, Andre, and Robert – put their heads together and decided to start offering moving services to private individuals.

Back then, the market for complete professional moving services was still in its infancy, as moving was mostly performed with the help of friends and acquaintances, and moving companies neither had the necessary equipment nor were familiar with the proper working practices.

In the beginning, we also only had one or two moving trucks and relied on our friends and their acquaintances to provide the muscle power.


But as time went on, our MISSION GREW AND GREW

We did not want to be just another moving company that is only known as a crew of musclemen that load your heavy things onto a car and drive it to the destination.

Every day we saw first-hand how much stress moving was causing to people:

This is, of course, completely natural and understandable, because moving usually involves massive changes in one’s life.

We realised that we wanted to offer our customers a complete moving service that enables all of their issues to be solved quickly and easily.

That is why we have added the following services to Adduco’s service portfolio:

Today, Adduco has grown to be a 50- person team. All of our moving work is undertaken by trained moving experts who command a fleet of 20 moving trucks.


We have successfully completed more than 40,000 moving jobs.

We know that smart planning and proper packing are the key to stress-free moving. We possess both the brains and brawn needed to solve all your moving worries.

Order moving services from Adduco for a worry-free moving experience.

Frequently asked questions

Each moving job is different and thus the price of the service depends on several factors, as outlined below:

1. Quantity and sizes of the items to be moved.

2. The number of items that need to be moved determines the number of movers and the size of the moving trucks needed.

3. The time it will take to complete the job depends on both the amount of items to be moved as well as the distance between the place of departure and the destination.

4. The method of delivery of the items to the destination depends on accessibility for moving trucks, the size and weight of the items, as well as, for example, the availability of an elevator and the number of storeys that the items need to be carried across.

5. Hard-to-access locations and large items often require special lifting techniques to be employed, such as in the case of moving a piano or a safe.

6. All of our customers can freely choose which services to order for the moving job. Our moving experts will do everything necessary to ensure convenient moving, from repositioning items in the room to providing complete moving solutions. Thorough planning ensures a quick and worry-free moving service.

Contact us for a personalised offer.

We accept payment both in cash and by card. You can pay immediately after we have completed the moving job.


If you order packing from Adduco and your belongings are damaged during moving, we will compensate you for the damage caused. Memberships and certificates:

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