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Order fine art transport with packing from Adduco and receive a great guarantee:

If we fail to transport your art collection within the agreed upon time, the next transport job will be FREE OF CHARGE.


Adduco’s fine art transport service is perfect for you, if you:

What does the service include?

For example, if you hire us to transport an art exhibition from Tallinn to Berlin and we promise to get the job done in four business days without damage to the artworks, but, for whatever reason, it actually takes us five business days to complete the task, then if you should need the exhibition to be transported from Berlin back to Tallinn (or any other country), we will do it free of charge!

The packing process looks like this:


We are a highly regarded moving service provider and have been in the business since 2006.

Our services have been ordered across Estonia and abroad over 40,000 times.

Why choose Adduco to be your moving partner?

Frequently asked questions

That’s exactly right! Adduco’s fine art movers are professionals specially trained by art experts and possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to pack any works of art securely and sustainably. Our fine art moving teams are provided with only the best packing materials, and our dedicated woodworker is ready to prepare any necessary custom transport boxes for your artworks.

We do! We have a host of reliable and qualified partners all over the world. If you choose us, you will never have to worry that your works are in danger or in incompetent hands. Moreover, we have 15 years of experience with a variety of customs clearances (including for fine art), i.e. we know how to keep customs authorities from confiscating any works of art or detaining them longer than required.

It’s simple: just send us the dimensions of the works together with the valuation reports (or, if the works have not been valuated, state the estimated value yourself) and we will take care of everything else required for the policy.

Adduco’s moving teams and partners have all the latest tools and equipment needed for this too. Hanging up art is a part of their daily work. Just tell them where you want the works to hang and they will get it done!

Of course! We are so confident in the content and quality of our service that, in addition to the usual liability insurance and any additional insurance, we offer a guarantee to all of our fine art moving customers that if we fail to meet the agreed upon deadlines, the next similar transport job will be provided at Adduco’s expense.

Memberships and certificates:

Contact us at any time. We promise that you will have a quote with a complete solution within the next 24 hours!

If we fail to keep this promise, the service will be provided at a 20% discount compared to the official offer.👇

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