In case of larger moving projects, we generally use project management service. This enables us to avoid additional costs that may come about when involving multiple contractors on one site.

Why order moving service project management

The moving service project manager coordinates the work of the movers on the site; is in communication with the different parties involved; solves current issues and takes responsibility for following the moving plan. The project manager shall determine a person on the site that is responsible for organising the work on the site and makes sure the works take place according to schedule. That person is in direct communication with the client and can inform the project manager of any important information about the site and the execution of works. The project manager is able to keep an eye on the moving process through communication with the person responsible, allowing immediate changes to be made where these may prove necessary for achieving the best result.

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Moving service project management stages

1) Moving site examination with the client.

2) Drawing up a moving plan that corresponds to the client’s wishes.

3) Determining the required resources – number of movers, moving trucks, moving boxes and packaging materials.

4) Drawing up the moving service price offer and submitting it to the client. With the price offer, the schedule for executing moving services shall also be submitted.

5) Carrying out moving services according to the agreement and the prepared schedule.

6) Moving procedure – in constant cooperation with the person responsible for moving works, the movers and, if necessary, also the client and third parties.

7) After carrying out the moving services, the move to the destination, i.e. the new site, is handed over to the client.

Moving project management is generally included in the moving price offer and its amount is a percentage of the moving service price.

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