We provide professional moving service since year 2006, whereas our project managers and moving specialists have over ten years of work expertise in the field.

Price inquiries are welcome by telephoning +372 682 7727, by e-mailing info@adduco.ee or by using the following price inquiry form.

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Full packaging Pre-moving full packing regards packing all the items on the moving list in a way that eliminates any damage to moving goods on regular circumstances during the transportation. In this case Adduco takes all the responsibility regarding damages to moving goods that appeared during or after moving process and weren´t coordinated before the move between halves.Partial packaging Pre-moving partial packing means that packed will be only these items that were mentioned in moving price inquiry. The goods that Adduco packs will be covered with company´s responsibility, rest is on client´s. Items that company wasn´t notified to be packed are up to mover at site to decide whether they pack them or not considering their work schedule.No packaging If no packing is ordered Adduco takes zero responsibility for moving goods´pristine preservtion during the moving process. Movers still use moving blankets, packing wrap, packing tape and cargo straps to secure goods inside moving truck´s cargo room to assure safety during car transportation.

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Why choose the moving service offered by Adduco?

  • Experience in providing moving services – Our moving specialists have more than ten years of professional work experience.
  • Professional moving specialists – Our workforce knows their respective field, all of our specialists have been well trained and have experience in moving that has taught them to approach your possessions with care and respect.
  • International experience and service – We operate on the international market, which ensures our team’s sustainable development and helps us to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for self-improvement. Our moving specialists have been granted certificates necessary for working abroad.
  • Performed works – We have carried out projects with various degrees of complexity – starting from the transport of simple things to very specific heavy-duty moves, such as moving a special piano or a very heavy safe.

Moving service insurance

In order to ensure maximal safety we have got insurance to cover all our moving services. Moving service insurance means that in case of damage caused by us or in case of an accident the damages are indemnified by an insurance company. The insurance is applicable only for objects packaged by our movers, who can do it in a way that reduces the threat of damage or breakage to minimum. We also recommend covering valuable items with additional insurance.

What to keep in mind when ordering moving service

Generally, moving calls for thorough organisation and planning. In order to guarantee stress-free moving that would be fast and comfortable, it would be good to pay attention to the following:

  • Which goods need to be moved?

The more precise the list of objects that you manage to draw up, the more precise the moving company can be in planning the optimal number of movers and the size of the moving truck.

  • How long may the move take?

The scope of moving depends on the amount and size of moving goods, the distances between the destinations and on other details. The more precise the information submitted by the client the more effective the movers can be in planning their time management and taking into account the client’s needs.

  • When do you need the moving service?

Moving can take anything from a couple of hours to several days. Generally, moving takes longer than is initially planned. Therefore, it is advisable not to plan other important tasks on the same day and to leave a reasonable amount of additional time. Adduco moving specialists help you in drawing up a moving plan that helps to specify the time needed for the moving process.

  • Do you need help in packaging?

Do you have valuables that need special care? Our moving insurance is applicable only for objects that have been packaged by our movers. Therefore, we advise you to let our specialists take care of the packaging of fragile items. If not, damages that may be caused to these by accident shall not be indemnified.