Heavy-duty move is a service that covers the transport of heavy or very heavy objects. We perform the moving, transport or relocation of upright pianos, grand pianos, strongboxes, safes, vaults and other heavy items. During the course of moving, heavy objects or equipment must often be moved from one place to another or to another surface. Special techniques and equipment are used for that purpose.


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Formation of heavy-duty move price

1)     The price of heavy lifting depends on the physical effort needed for the transport of the item. In other words – on whether it is possible to use the elevator or whether the stairs must be taken at the starting point and the final destination.

2)     The complexity of the site and the item determine the use of equipment. Often it is not possible to physically carry the items, which is why cranes or hoists must be used.

3)     High floors, narrow and steep stairs, long corridors of various levels and other peculiarities of the site complicate the execution of heavy lifting and therefore call for higher prices.

4)     The distance between and accessibility of the starting point and the final destination determine the additional time needed for heavyl lifting. The shorter the distance and easier the access, the lower the final price.

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