Adduco offers professional moving service for business clients all over Estonia and is also ready to move your office abroad. Our movers can help you with switching business premises, offer professional advice in organising moving, as well as fit and assemble your office furniture. With Adduco moving service is your office relocation stress-free.

We are a trustworthy moving service partner. To get a personal offer, please contact us by telephoning +372 682 7727,  e-mailing or by using the order form below.

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Professional moving services for business clients

Our professional movers have been trained equipped with professional tools know how to treat and use special equipment when necessary and have all worked on our team for many years.

Before moving our project manager determines the scope of the move, establishes logistics, and designates the optimal resources based on the volume of the move. Also, you don’t need to worry about disassembling and assembling your office furniture. Our professional movers have the skills and knowledge, as well as experience, needed for treating custom-made furniture. We can also move and transport any safes, pianos, large printers or other bulky machines that you may have in your office.

Formation of moving service price

1) The moving process starts with determining the time of the move. Office premises must often be freed after a short notice, which calls for fast reaction and work preparation by moving companies.

2) When it comes to office premises, the moving must often take place after office hours – that means additional labour force expenses.

3) After the time has been considered, it is also important to determine the number and size of goods to be moved.

4) Volume of goods helps to determine the number of movers and the size of the moving truck required.

5) The time needed for moving depends on both the volume of goods as well as the distance between the adresses being moved from and to.

6) Transporting the goods from the starting point to the destination is dependent on the accessibility of the moving truck, on the size of the goods and on how much they weigh, as well as whether there is an elevator and the number of stories in the building.

7) Places that are difficult to access and large items – such as a large printer or a seif – often call for heavy-duty move.

Each client has an option to choose which moving services to order. Our moving specialists can make sure that the moving experience will be comfortable process, from simply relocating things in an office, all the way to a complete moving solution. Thorough planning ensures trouble-free and fast moving.

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