We are a trustworthy moving service partner. To get a personal offer, please contact us by telephoning +372 682 7727,  e-mailing info@adduco.ee or by using the order form below.

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Full packaging Pre-moving full packing regards packing all the items on the moving list in a way that eliminates any damage to moving goods on regular circumstances during the transportation. In this case Adduco takes all the responsibility regarding damages to moving goods that appeared during or after moving process and weren´t coordinated before the move between halves.Partial packaging Pre-moving partial packing means that packed will be only these items that were mentioned in moving price inquiry. The goods that Adduco packs will be covered with company´s responsibility, rest is on client´s. Items that company wasn´t notified to be packed are up to mover at site to decide whether they pack them or not considering their work schedule.No packaging If no packing is ordered Adduco takes zero responsibility for moving goods´pristine preservtion during the moving process. Movers still use moving blankets, packing wrap, packing tape and cargo straps to secure goods inside moving truck´s cargo room to assure safety during car transportation.

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We offer moving service for private clients both in Estonia and abroad. All moving services are covered with insurance and we guarantee that our moving specialists are fast, effective and careful in their work. With Adduco moving service Your relocation is stress-free. Our mission is to provide moving service without additional tension during the process.


Moving services for private clients includes:


  • Drawing up a list of goods to be moved
  • Packaging the goods
  • Moving the goods
  • Transport of goods
  • Disassembly of old furniture
  • Assembling and fitting new furniture

Formation of moving service price

1)     The moving process starts with determining the amount and size of goods to be moved.

2)     The amount of goods helps to decide on the number of movers and the size of the moving truck required.

3)     The time needed for moving depends on both the amount of goods as well as the distance between the object being moved and the destination.

4)     Transporting the items from the starting point to the destination is dependent on the accessibility of the moving truck, on the size of the goods, how much they weigh, as well as whether there is an elevator and the number of stories in the building.

5)     Places that are difficult to access and large items – such as a piano or a seif – often call for heavy-duty move.

Each client has an option to choose which moving services they wish to order. Our moving specialists can make sure that the moving experience will be a comfortable process, from simply relocating things in a room, all the way to a complete moving solution. Thorough planning ensures trouble-free and fast moving.

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