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Furniture assembly covers the delivery, unpacking, assembly and installation of furniture and the utilisation of the packaging material. The professional furniture assemblers who work in our team assemble and install the furniture following the provided delivery documents. These documents include the furniture specification that includes a list of furniture details and the installation instructions. The furniture is divided between rooms and installed according to drawings or technical descriptions included in the delivery documents. The delivery documents are especially necessary for carrying out furniture assembling if there is no one supervising these activities on site.

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To what pay attention to when assembling furniture?

1)     Room preparation – Before assembling the furniture, make sure that the rooms are prepared for that purpose. It is important that the after-construction cleaning would be carried out, since construction dust may damage the brand new furniture.

2)     Following instructions – When assembling furniture it is very important to follow the instructions precisely and to assemble the parts in the correct order.

3)     Help of a professional assember – In order to achieve the best result we recommend hiering professional furniture assemblers, who have the relevant experience and special tools needed for the job.

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