For moving a one-room apartment, the best option is PACKAGE II. The package includes 2 movers and a moving vehicle with 13 to 15 cubic meters of trunk space.

Example: the apartment that is being moved from is located on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator. There are a couple of bigger armoires, a sofa bed, a television set, a coffee table, a decorative stuffed tiger, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a kitchen table, two armchairs, four chairs, and 15 moving boxes with personal items at the apartment. The apartment is to be moved into a new residence located on the third floor and within the city limits of Tallinn. This can be done quickly– within two hours at most. Approximate price rate from 97.50 €

For moving two- or three-room apartments, the best option is PACKAGE III. This moving solution includes the help of two movers with a smaller multilift van with 20 to 22 cubic meters of trunk space.

Example: the apartment that is being moved from has three rooms, which include the following moving objects: two sofas, a coffee table, a bed, two armoires, a kitchen table, six paintings, two large mirrors, a clothes rack, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a writing desk, an aquarium, a bucket with seven goldfish, eight chairs, two armchairs, a television set, a computer desk, a desktop computer, a cheery two-metre palm tree or another house plant, four smaller armoires and 30 moving boxes with clothes and other smaller personal items. The apartment is located in the Õismäe city district, on the fifth floor, and needs to be moved to the Mustamäe city district, to the sixth floor. The movers are ready to get busy on the stairs and should be ready in approximately six hours. Should the movers’ best friend – the elevator – be available, much time could be saved. Approximate price rate from 264 €

For moving a house we recommend you choose PACKAGE IV. Moving a private house is a rather industrious task; since there is much more furniture and other moving items in a house than there would be in an apartment. That is why this package includes as many as four movers and a large multilift van with 40 to 50 cubic meters of trunk space. Four pairs of arms help to guarantee good speed, and in 8 to 10 hours you’ll find yourself and all your possessions in your new home, happily waving goodbye to our movers. Approximate price rate from 592 €

For moving offices there are various solutions, depending on the client’s requirements and the size of the office space. The most likely scenario involves at least four movers and a large tailgate van. In case of larger premises, it would be reasonable to use more movers to speed up the moving process. The number of movers should be calculated based on the size of your archive, number of workstations and other furniture you have decorated your office with. We are confident that together we will be able to help you! All we need to do is iron out the details – and for that, please feel free to contact us!

International moving. Planning to move under a palm tree on a desert island, to any other country or just thinking of sending two pianos to grandma in Greece? We are ready to help you move abroad or take your things to another country. At your request, we come by, pack all your furniture, dishes and other fragile items carefully, to keep them from breaking or suffering damage – we have plenty of bubble film and know many secret tricks of moving to ensure their safety – and take these to your desired destination according to need, either by road transport, using a plane or by renting a container space on a ship. Should you have pets that need to get vaccinated, we will make sure that they see their veterinarian. We will take care of all necessary documentation. You can trust us to deliver your things to your selected destination, without damage. Just ask for a price offer!