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Storage is a service that includes transportation, packaging and long-or-short-term storage of goods. We offer storage services both to private and business clients. The need to store may be brought about when temporarily moving to another country, the need to store a company’s inventory, etc. Deriving from the client’s needs, we also offer an option to store goods (furniture, technical equipment, clothes, books, etc.) in our warehouse to be moved afterwards as needed, seasonal items (tyres, sports equipment, clothes, etc.) and storage for distribution goods.


How does storage take place?

1)     A list of the goods to be kept in our warehouse is drawn up

2)     The goods are packed; if needed, large pieces of furniture shall be disassembled

3)     The goods are stored safely in the warehouse for the required period of time

4)     After the end of the storage period, the goods shall be delivered to the address given by the client and unpacked. Disassembled furniture shall be reassembled.

Storage of distribution goods

When it comes to distribution goods, we are mainly active in storage of furniture that shall later be delivered to clients and assembled by our furniture assemblers. The above is a comfortable solution for those companies that wish to leave the logistics to us, allowing them to concentrate on their main area operation, i.e. the sale of furniture.

Storage of distribution goods takes place as follows:

  • Furniture shop is active in selling and ordering goods
  • The goods are ordered to the Adduco warehouse
  • Adduco’s movers store the goods and start putting together the orders
  • The orders shall be delivered to the clients and fitted on site

Formation of storage price

1)     Number of stored items – Storage starts with determining the volume of goods to be stored.

2)     Storage capacity – The more compact the goods, the less space required and vice versa. The smaller the used warehouse space, the lower the price.

3)     Storage period – The duration of the storage period shall be determined by the needs of the client. Here it is important to think through which of the items may become necessary during the storage period, so that these could be stored in front of others in order to make accessing them easier.